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Admission for Academic Year 2020-21

In the present era of Globalization, the Education Environment & Admission Procedure has become more dynamic. To cater to the need of the hour, Sharda University, the provider of world-class education since 1996 has announced SUAT (Sharda University Admission Test) to be a single platform Admission Test. Sharda is India’s first Pvt. University to come up with such a comprehensive test at par with leading Universities & National/State Level Entrance tests.

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We at sharda group feel extremely privileged to have been able to provide manpower resources to drive the country's growth engine. since the year 1996, over 80% placements in various companies.


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Ms. Deepika Sharma

 Innovations When I look behind, I see the best days which one could spent in their college life. I enjoyed each and every moment spent in Sharda University. I had spent three long years in that University, where I learnt how to grow and grow. I did my Bachelors of Journalism and Mass Communication from Sharda University. Whenever I look behind, I cherish each moment which I had lived there. A girl who has just passed her 12th standard does not know much that what is good for her career, but here in Sharda University I always got motivated from my teachers. They always supported me in my projects. They were always standing behind me in my toughest phase of life where I didn't know what to do in my career. Professors always treated us like their own family

BJMC, 2015-16

Placed In : Maverick

Ms.Nasrin Akter

“Angrezi mein kehte hain” was my rst Bollywood movie as an Assistant Director. This project was initiated during my nal year of graduation in Sharda and I was involved with pre production and post production. I am fortunate enough to start my career in India from NDTV channel and then with this concept based movie with a lot of learning from experienced personalities. Sharda is a key which helped me a lot to go beyond boundaries in excelling my skill set.

BJMC , 2016-17

Placed In : NDTV

Ms. Mansi Seth

Choosing Journalism and Mass Communication course at Sharda University is the best choice I have made till date. The course structure and learning pattern teaches us a lot. The faculty of the department gave us both theoretical and practical knowledge of the media eld. The support and encouragement helped me to cross all the obstacles. With their support, efforts and teaching knowledge, I got the opportunity to work with the best media houses like Hindustan Times and Hindu newspaper which gave a kick start to my career as a journalist and writer. And, now I am working as an Associate Editor with a web health portal ''. I always embrace my whole journey with the university and faculty. I will definitely recommend everyone to be a part of this.

BJMC, 2014-15

Placed In : Aquarius Media

Mr. Bangwe Naviley Chisenga

Sharda University in Greater Noida is a life-transforming higher learning institution ready to prepare students for challenges and opportunities of the 21st century. My experience as a Journalism and MassCommunication student is such that everyday has been an opportunity to learn an actual practical skill. The lecturers are down to earth and can be accessed anytime to help you succeed. The notes are readily available through LMS which helps you to study anywhere any time. Try Sharda today.

BJMC, 2019-2020

Placed In : Press &Tourism, High Commis

Ms. Priyamvada Budhalakoti

Since March 2017, I have been associated with Salmon & Co, a digital agency as a Producer and Writer. Here, I am a part of the creative process right from ideating, pitching to the clients, handling the process of production, pre-production to post production, including nalizing the budgets. Earlier I was working with Big Synergy Media Ltd. as an Assistant Director with the ction team. I was associated here in the creative process of conceptualizing web series and TV Shows for various channels like SONY, Star, Zee, and digital platforms like Balaji's ALT. Sharda University has been an important part of my growth. Mass Communication Department and its faculty members have been my constant support and strength in helping me realize my potential and dreams. The three years I spent here has given me strength and wisdom to go out and face the world with the values taught.

BJMC, 2015-16

Placed In : Salmon & Co

Mr. Shamim Zakaria

The delicate years of my school life dashed off learning thoughts like 'an aimless person is like a rudderless boat tossing in an ocean.' Alas! it was not until I joined Sharda University, I realised it is only a rudderless boat that has the liberty to oat resolutely at will. Only a rudderless boat can dance to the blithe breeze, play with the maddening waves - all thanks to this glorious institution called Sharda University – it's value based education, practical oriented curriculum, most engaging classroom modules, faculty of astounding wisdom and the university's erudite ambience that never ceases to enchant. Graduating with a bachelors degree in journalism and mass communication and thereafter a brief stint in news reporting, I eventually went on to complete my post gradation in International Journalism from University of Sussex, United Kingdom on a scholarship. Currently, I am working for the international desk of a global news channel in China. Sharda University helped me gain enough of every gratifying experience to keep me smiling for another thousand lifetimes.

BJMC, 2014-15

Placed In : Global News Channel, China

Ratan Singh

It's great to be a student of Sharda University. I am exposed to various legal fraternities besides my academics. The teaching methodology and guidance by my faculty is very pleasing.


B.A LLB, 2014-15

Placed In : NA

Apporv Maheshwari

Excellence is a word that can aptly describe School of Law, Sharda University. I consider myself to be fortunate to have graduated from such a great Institution. School of Law, Sharda University is a place which not only ensures academic brilliance but also provides practical exposure to the contemporary world and professional excellence to the students. I say this because I have experienced the same in short span of my professional career. As a student at the institute I was constantly motivated to enhance my intellect by immensely competent and supportive faculty members and unparalleled infrastructure facilities. The curricular and co-curricular activities at the Institute like Presentations, Group discussion, Debates, Moot Court, Visits have made me confident. The internships have given me practical exposure to the contemporary legal world. At the Institute, the course is designed in a manner that, not only, I, gained knowledge but also imbibed great values like discipline, punctuality, sincerity, Hard Work and dedication for work. At the same time, it also offered us the vision and courage to explore the different horizons of the legal world. I am sure the batch of 2013-2018 would have inherited the same values at School of Law, Sharda University and must be waiting mesmerize world with their immense potential. I am proud to be an Shardian.

B.Com LLB, 2013-14

Placed In : NA

Devki Nandan

It has been a great experience to be a part of Sharda University. It's difficult to sum up the memories and experience of Five years in few lines. There is something motivational and special in this environment and infrastructure which made us study and enjoy co-curricular activities.

All the faculty and staff members are very helpful and they guided us all the time. Different events and sessions did boost my confidence to a great extent that I can experience at my workplace now. It has been an unforgettable journey. I have spent my wonderful days of life in Sharda University. Thanks to all who have been a part of my life in encouraging me. 

B.A L.L.B, 2012-13

Placed In : NA


At Sharda University, I learnt that, design is not only the most integral foundation of a product but also an essential that gives a unique identity to it, and at the same time provides an easy functionality for everyone to comprehend and use. This is the definition of design which I learnt, experienced and incorporated in my personal and professional life. In the 4 years of my graduation at Department of Design at Sharda University I learnt about the smallest details and biggest facts about designing and myself. I still remember in my foundation year where I felt that I am still in a junior class and my teachers are helping me to understand what is design by distinct mediums, the environment was ever widening. By my final year of graduation, I was accomplishing my thesis and designing a product of very my own. The thing I appreciate the most about the design department at the Sharda University is that, apart from our chosen design stream, we get to work and interact with faculties, intellectuals and other students; as a result, we also learn about other designing fields. The workshops and events also help us learn about the design practicality and possibilities. In conclusion, I can proudly say that i am Graduate designer from Sharda University.

B.Design (Industrial & Prod, 2012-2013

Placed In : NA

Utkarsh Gupta

As a student of Interior Design, I Utkarsh Gupta, have been exposed to an uplifting experience of being part of Sharda University's Department of Design. In here, I found qualified mentors, who advice and mentor me, guide me into the right path to help me achieve my dreams and goals as an Interior Designer. Extracurriculars like site visits, competitions and client interactions help me grow into my future role as an interior designer. Apart from academics Sharda encourages growth. The university campus with its diversity and amenities truly feels like "home". Design is a state of mind it's developed over time, it is an expression of yourself and of the place, Sharda has helped me recognize and express those feelings. Sharda has nurtured the potential within me to make me the Designer I am.

B. Design (Interior Design), 2015-16

Placed In : NA

Niyati Jain

I believe that design as a field is and always will be something very personal, the passion for which comes from within an individual. One just needs to strive hard to harvest this passion and I am proud to say that Department of Design, Sharda University, was able to help find me this treasure in myself. The guidance and support I received from my mentors were beyond comparison. They have always strived in bringing out the passion for design out of every student, who simultaneously had the willingness to travel on the path of self-discovery. The learning experience in Sharda University not only involved academics and practical studio sessions, but also off campus activities like industrial visits and day excursions, which helped in gaining a lot of exposure. Moreover, having studied in a diversity provided a lot of exposure in understanding various cultures which in the long run, is beneficial in the field of design.

B. Design (Interior Design), 2012-13

Placed In : NA

Bellinda Franque

I, Bellinda Franque, a student of Interior Design 3yr, have been exposed to a heart-warming experience of being part of Sharda University's Department of Design. In here, I found qualified mentors, who guide and coach me, the right equipment to help me achieve my dreams and goals as an Interior Designer. I am exposed to a world outside through site visits, competitions and direct contact with clients, all of which are essential for helping me build my career. Besides academic values, Sharda University possesses cultural and moral values, as I am able to indulge with the diversity present here, its environment truly gives a feeling of "home". Design is not only based on a place or idea, but also, on a feeling. Something which I am proud to say that I developed here, in Sharda University, because it helped me to explore the potential that I have within me.

B. Design (Interior Design), 2017-18

Placed In : NA

Anuj Rawal

One of the best times that Ive had, from every single perspective – academics, teachers, wonderful ambiance to learn, friends – the entire experience. The professors are dedicated and co-operative. The amount of support that is offered is unlimited and incomparable. Sharda University played a big role in not just helping me become the successful graduate but also by providing an opportunity to kick start my career by being part of design & development team of Sharda Uzbekistan Refurbishment design project. Time flew by, but the memories and lessons learnt will be treasured for a lifetime.

B. Design (Interior Design), 2015-16

Placed In : NA

Passang Dem

Three years have passed surprisingly quickly, yet it was memorable at each step of the way. I feel immensely privileged to be part of Sharda University. To be able to undertake a degree that I feel genuinely passionate about has been a rewarding experience. The learning method was challenging at the beginning as we are international students but as the program evolved, I have developed skills to allow me to focus better on what I need to learn. Living in India and discovering the Indian culture by travelling around the country and befriending Indian classmates is truly stimulating. Being able to get constant encouragement and support from the Professors in academic activities as well as outside the campus was an incredible privilege for which I will always remain grateful. It has opened doors that I didnt know it was going to open.

B. Design (Fashion Design), 2017-18

Placed In : NA